A Message from NCPA President, Dr. Cat Forneris:

Welcome to the North Carolina Psychological Association!

Cat Forneris, PhD, JDThe state of our association is strong as reflected in our longevity, solid reputation as a primary home for North Carolina psychologists. It is my hope that NCPA will become and remain your professional home, and here are some reasons why.

Top 10 reasons to join NCPA:

1)      We advocate for psychology as a science, a profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare;

2)      We offer high quality and affordable continuing education throughout the year;

3)      We are committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, not only within the organization, and also for the citizens we serve from the mountains to the coast;

4)      We offer social events and activities throughout the year as a way to promote networking, mental health awareness and access, and simply to enjoy each other 's company;

5)      We have a Leadership Formation Academy which helps us to train the next generation of state and national leaders in the field of psychology;

6)      We are a valued member of the Coalition, which is composed of statewide organizations in North Carolina that are committed to assuring the availability of services and support for individuals who experience addictive diseases, mental illness, and developmental disabilities.

7)      As a member driven organization, we have a robust array of committees that do a lot of solid work to support the association, and also provides a means by which to give back to the field, the community, and to engage with other psychologists;

8)      Because of our long standing and solid reputation within the state, NCPA is invited to participate in arenas that are foreclosed to other organizations and individuals, for example, to meet with insurance companies, state officials, and policymakers;

9)      We communicate regularly, thoughtfully, and clearly with our members about issues that directly impact the profession and field of psychology, and when necessary, outline concrete steps that members can take to make their voices heard and to make sure that they are informed about time sensitive issues; and

10)  We have the best staff who are wonderful human beings and very attentive to our members’ needs.

It is my pleasure to serve this wonderful organization and its members, and I look forward to helping NCPA continue to grow and strengthen throughout the year.


Cat Forneris, PhD, JD