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The North Carolina Psychological Foundation has been established by NCPA to provide educational information on mental health issues, including psychological issues, and to provide public service to the citizens of North Carolina. The foundation is dedicated to promoting mental health by educating the general public and health care professionals, and by providing public service projects to the community.

The work of the Foundation is carried out by a volunteer Board of Directors.

2018 – 2019 NC Psychological Foundation Board


Projects of the Foundation include:

1. NC Disaster Response Network – NCPF is an American Red Cross partner, providing disaster mental health services during all types of disasters in North Carolina. NCPF volunteers have responded to disasters ranging from Hurricane Fran to small floods and house fires. Here you’ll find information on the DRN training, criteria for membership in the DRN, and an application. As a DRN member, you become part of the disaster mental health effort in your community.


2. Annual Undergraduate Conference  The Foundation sponsors an annual conference to acquaint undergraduate students  with the possibilities of a career in psychology & information on applying to graduate schools, as well as educational opportunities at the graduate level.


3. Poster Session and Student Awards – The Foundation sponsors an annual poster session which includes student award judging for the best posters. The competition is open to graduate and undergraduate students in psychology.

If you have questions after visiting the pages above, please contact our office (919)872-1005:
– Annual Undergrad Conference or Poster Session & Student Awards – Karen Gray
– Disaster Response Network – 
– Foundation (general) – [email protected]