Benefactor and Founder Members for 2021-2022 Membership Year

Benefactor and Founder Members are members who wish to contribute to NCPA’s sustainability.

Charles (Landy) H. Anderton, PhD - FOUNDER Member

Tonya D. Armstrong, PhD, MTS

Susan C. Arnold, PhD - FOUNDER Member

Don Azevedo, PhD

Ann Louise Barrick, PhD - FOUNDER Member

Bill Barley, PhD - FOUNDER Member

Suzanne F. Bates, PhD

J. Travis Colwell, PhD

Charles L. Cooper, PhD

Mary Evers, PhD

MIchael Hammonds, PsyD

Richard E. Hicks, PhD

Susan Hill, EdD

Susan Hurt, PhD, JD

Eli Jerchower, PsyD

Peregrine M. Kavros, PhD

Nancy E. Laney, PhD

Anne Middaugh, PhD

Roger Bryon Moore, Jr. - FOUNDER Member

Ellen Nicola, PhD

Nona Patterson, PhD

Annette Perot, PhD

Nancy C. Peters, PhD

Judy Katherine Plemons, PhD

Antonio E. Puente, PhD

Richard R. Rumer, PhD

Cristin M. Saffo, PsyD

Holly B. Savoy, PhD

Gordon Schneider, PhD

Elliot Silverstein, PhD, JD - FOUNDER Member 

Mark R. Stein, PhD

Pamela J. Trent, PhD - FOUNDER Member

Ronald Valentine, PhD

Sandra Wartski, PsyD 

Joan Wilkins, PhD

Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the mission of NCPA!
If you are interested in becoming a Benefactor or Founder member, you may do so during the renewal period (June 1 – September 30), or you may email Karen Gray to upgrade your membership today.