The Law and Psychology committee is pleased to announce a new specialty forensic listserv. We envision this listserv as a space within NCPA for members with interests at the intersection of law and psychology to share resources and connect. If interested, please contact Karen Gray ([email protected]) to review the rules and join the listserv.

All of the same rules apply to the Forensic Listserv as the NCPA Listserv. Please click here to review the rules. 

Additional Rules:

In addition to the rules and policies of the general NCPA listserv, members of the law and psychology listserv should:

  • Refrain from discussing case-related details on the listserv and not disclose information that potentially identifies not only the individual(s) being evaluated but other case-related identifiers (e.g., other experts, the attorneys, the judge, the county).
  • Keep in mind that other members of the listserv may conduct similar work in a similar geographic area. It is entirely possible that you may be retained by opposing sides in the same case.

Therefore, please use backchannel communication (i.e., between individuals, not to the entire listserv) to discuss more than very general information.

For example:

ASK: “Is someone willing to backchannel discuss a difficult guardianship case?”

DO NOT ASK: “I have a really tough guardianship proceeding of a 39yo female client out of New Hanover County. Is anyone willing to discuss? Parents are financially dependent on the individual and seeking guardianship of person and estate. You may have seen it in the media. Help!”