Supervision in North Carolina

All Applicants, Provisionally Licensed Psychologists, and Licensed Psychological Associates are required to have a Supervision Contract Form on file at all times, regardless of employment setting or activities in which the individual may, or may not, currently be engaged (e.g., unemployment, practice in-state, practice out-of-state, work in another field, etc.).  A Supervision Contract Form must be filed within 30 days of a change in, or termination of, the conditions of the existing contract on file with the Board.  Contracts cover current activities.

Click here to see all the details and necessary forms needed on the NC Psychology Board's website. 


Info about Supervision directly from the NC Psychology Board produced copy of the North Carolina Psychology Practice Act

North Carolina Psychology Practice Act (Recodified) 90-270.139 - Application; examination; supervision; provisional and temporary licenses
Click here to view. (look on page two, about halfway down the right column)

NCPA Members Who Offer Supervision
Click here to view a current list of NCPA members who offer supervision. If you see someone of interest, use our Find a Psychologist Directory to look them up and read more details. 


If you are a psychologist and NCPA member level Investor or above, who already offers Supervision, click here to view further details in our Online Practice Toolkit. (Remember, to use this link, you must use your NCPA member username and password.)