On behalf of the NCPA Professional Affairs and Ethics Committee (“Ethics Committee”), we welcome you to the first step in seeking an ethics consultation through the NCPA ethics consultation service for members.  

Over many years we have learned that most questions are best answered through a collaborative discussion that includes the nuances of the issues underlying your question and a careful consideration of the options available to you. For most individuals who seek consultation with this service, we are able to provide what is needed through a phone conversation. Members of the NCPA Ethics Committee routinely consult with each other in order to ensure that we are giving the best possible advice.  

To get started, we ask that you briefly provide basic information regarding your reason for contacting us. If possible, please include dates and whatever you think would be helpful to give us an initial understanding of your concern. Please do not include any identifying information about client/patients. We make every attempt to respond to consultation requests within 3 business days of receiving an on-line request.

To receive a consultation, please fill out the form