Membership Information

Thank you for being a part of your state psychological association!

Membership Period: July 1- June 30

All memberships expire June 30 regardless of when you join or renew. 

New Members

To join NCPA, fill out our online Membership Application.

Membership Requirements:

Must have a Doctoral or Master’s degree in psychology or an area that is psychological in nature. They must be currently licensed by the North Carolina Psychology Board or include a current official transcript of a graduate degree in psychology.

Founder Members
If you are interested in investing in the financial health and sustainability of NCPA, consider becoming a Founder member. You may upgrade online or call the NCPA office at 919.872.1005.

Click here to read Dr. Nancy Laney's (NCPA President 2020-21) North Carolina Psychologist Newsletter Article "Stepping Up to NCPA's Founder Membership" (page 2)

Student Members
Graduate Students shall be in advanced study programs in psychology. The application must include a letter from the department verifying degree candidacy or include a current official transcript. 

Undergraduate Students shall be students who are majoring in psychology. 

Out-of-State Members
Out-of-State Members shall be persons who have been members in good standing who have moved to another state and wish to maintain affiliation or psychologists or students from another state who wish to become affiliated with the Association.  Out-of-State Members shall not hold office nor serve as chairpersons of committees.  They are considered non-voting members of the Association.  Out-of-State Members may serve as members of committees of the Association and participate in programs and discussions of issues.

Applications are voted on by the NCPA Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified soon thereafter of the action taken.