Committees are an integral part of the work of NCPA. Each committee is made up of volunteers who have an interest and passion to assist NCPA by enhancing and improving the field of psychology. 

All of our committees typically meet virtually. Thus, no matter where you are located in NC, you can join and be a part. 

Please contact us and let us know if you have an interest in any of the below committees. We will let you speak with the committee chair, staff, and even "visit" one of the meetings to see if it is a good fit for you. 


ADVOCACY AND PRACTICE  - The committee is a home for NCPA members interested in working on specific advocacy/practice projects and/or monitoring and reporting on specific practice areas.  The APC welcomes both short-term and long-term members and meets every two months 9-11 AM on the third Friday of the month.  Click here to see the goals of the APC and contact the co-chairs

 - The committee provides peer consultation and develops educational materials and resources to facilitate the optimal functioning of psychologists in NC.  Projects include writing articles, making presentations on wellness issues, and providing consultation/support to psychologists through a telephone helpline.  

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE) –  The Committee plans the conferences and CE offerings for NCPA and NCPF, as well as reviewing applications for co-sponsorship of CE events.   

DEVELOPMENT – Develops and implements fundraising for the Foundation. 

DISASTER RESPONSE TASK FORCE –  Coordinates mental health disaster response with partners across the state.  Advocates for use of best practices in Disaster Mental Health.

JUSTICE, EQUITY, DIVERSITY, AND INCLUSION – Assesses ways to enhance inclusion of multi-culturalism into the practice of psychology.

EARLY CAREER PSYCHOLOGISTS (ECP) - Discuss issues of interest to ECPs and plan/recommend projects, activities, and networking opportunities for ECPs.   

ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL AFFAIRS -  Responds to inquiries relating to ethics and standards of practice.

FINANCE ─ Oversee the finances and financial policies for NCPA and NCPF.

LAW AND PSYCHOLOGY - Be a resource to other NCPA members.

LICENSED PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATES -  Exploration of issues (such as parity in order to unify the profession and expand mental health access to the public) specific to Licensed Psychological Associates. 

LEGISLATIVE ─  Explores, studies, and advocates for both State and Federal legislation.   

MEMBERSHIP – Organize, implement, and plan member engagement and recruitment. Review new member applications. 

NEWSLETTER – Create, develop, and write for our newsletter. 

SCIENTIFIC, ACADEMIC, AND STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (SASA) – Developing, establishing, and maintaining relationships with undergraduate and graduate psychology departments across the state.  

PUBLIC SECTOR – Focus on issues related to services in the public sector – health and human services and corrections.